Rent or Sell Your Villa, Which is Better for Real Estate Investing

Most of us have probably seen popular television shows such as Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper. Shows like these have brought the process of flipping houses to make a living to the forefront of society, making a lot of people excited about the prospects in working with their hands and doing what they love in a home for profit. When you see a villa for sale in Katameya Dunes, you may find the urge is strong to start your real estate investment journey right here in Cairo’s backyard, and we couldn’t blame you. This lovely community is a draw for those looking for a permanent luxury home as well as those seeking for a part time property that they can rent out when they won’t be around. But before you quit your day job, there are some things you need to know-especially the consideration on whether it is more profitable to rent out the property you have flipped or simply sell it and pocket the cash for the next investment.

What is Real Estate Investing?

Simply put, real estate investing involves putting yours or others money into a property that you do not plan on keeping for a long amount of time. Some may need or choose to live in their investment properties while work is being done, while others have whole teams working on a house to flip day and night while they live elsewhere. The idea is that you purchase a property for the lowest price possible and then put a little extra money into making it perfect, whether it be aesthetic repairs or a full remodel, and then turning around and selling or renting the property in order to make a living. It can be an unpredictable market, but when manipulated properly, you can make a killing in this career.

How Do You Know a Good Place to Invest?

When you are looking at properties to purchase in order to invest in them, it can be difficult the first few times to predict whether or not it would make you any money or put you in instant debt. Luckily, with a little practice, there are small signs you can look at outside and inside the home in order to decide the potential of a property to make you the money you are wishing for. Consider the following:

· High property values in the surrounding area

· A low price for the property compared to the other listing prices

· A special edition inside such as a den, a second kitchen, or a converted garage

· Well cared for outdoor areas

· Appealing community amenities such as close shopping, pools, fitness facilities, sports courts, a gold course on the property or nearby

· A safe, happy neighborhood

· Low property taxes and low HOA fees

· Great schools

· An area of future city development

Renting Your Katameya Dunes Villa

Renting a property out once you are done updating it can be an excellent choice, depending on your life situation and how quickly you are looking to make money. You must consider that as a landlord, there will be many responsibilities that you have to still take care of yourself as well bills that will need to come out of the rent being paid to you. However, many would argue that renting is excellent because you can always take your property back if you wish, and you have a steady income for many years.

Pros of renting:

· Constant income, especially in retirement

· You can keep the property as yours for future use

· For rent properties usually receive serious inquiries faster than for sale properties

Cons of renting:

· You risk simply breaking even each month

· You must be available to handle disputes with tenants and repairs

· Tenants may not all be trustworthy

· You must draw up contracts to have tenants

· It is not necessarily intelligent to live a long way away from the property

Selling Your Katameya Dunes Rental

Selling is perhaps the most common practice for full time real estate investors. They often buy low and sell high with no need to hang on to a property for any reason. They have their own homes to live in and sometimes even travel to find new properties to flip. Many of these investors also use the money they make from a property to invest in the next one.

Pros of selling:

· You can use the money earned to keep investing

· Instant large chunks of money in your pocket

· You can move away when done with a property and not think about it again

· It is easier to make a career out of investing

Cons of selling:

· Selling a property risks the property sitting there without selling for a long time

· It can be harder to save the large chunk of money to use over time

· You may end up with a property that doesn’t even break even with your investment

The Best for Business

In the current market, renting can easily be the best option for you when you are looking to invest in a villa for sale in katameya dunes It has excellent amenities and a luxury vacation feel which may bring you back here at least once a year which you can easily do while renting out the property for a profit. On top of that, you are building extra equity for yourself just as you are at your main property. If you decide to sell once it is paid off or continue to collect rent, all of that income is yours. this can be a great way to fund your life in retirement. Even with the cons involved, you are more likely to find a renter than a buyer, so even if things go wrong with one renter, you can go pick another once the lease is voided or has run out.

Invest In a Villa for Sale in Katameya Dunes

Katameya Dunes is an idealic place to raise a family, enjoy a new marriage, or relax in the late stages of life. This safe and picturesque compound is full of luscious landscapes and amenities that will keep you busy day and night. This part if Cairo is booming, and you are sure to find plenty of properties basically ready to rent out for a high profit with little work involved. Let the beauty speak for itself!

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